Rifle Bullets

BMT reserves the right to refuse training to anyone for any reason.


By completing this application, I state that I have no criminal convictions, am not currently under indictment or prosecution for any offense, have no restraining order(s) or domestic violence convictions and I am not wanted for questioning or arrest by any law enforcement or government agency.


I further state that I have no history or background of mental illness or substance abuse.


Instruction given by BMT is for the sole purpose of instructing the students attending the class.  We do not assume any responsibility or liability for any student attending a class who uses any information obtained in the course(s) to instruct others.


Safety is strictly enforced during all aspects of training.  Any student that does not follow safety rules, is deemed unsafe or their actions are not deemed appropriate by BMT staff will be asked to leave the range.  There will be no refund provided.


Upon arrival for the course, I agree to sign a document releasing BMT and agents of BMT from any liability that may occur during the course of the training or thereafter.


To be considered for acceptance into a BMT course, this application must be completely filled out with a fully paid deposit.


Requests to attend can be completed online.  Mail applications are also available.  Mailed in applications must be signed and dated, with the tuition deposit included or sent previously.


Balance of tuition must be paid in full prior to attending class.  Tuition may be paid by credit card via online invoice, check, or money order.


Terms & Conditions