Black Mountain Training Facility is a private institution with a highly focused objective of providing one of the finest specialized training academies for law enforcement, military and security professionals. We also offer specially designed home defense firearms courses for the private citizen.

Outside The Box

Our training programs are designed to take participants out of their comfort zone and provide the opportunity to hone their tactical skills, update their knowledge base, and develop their awareness.

Vision and Mission

Since 1997, Black Mountain Training has offered one of the most diverse tactical firearms training facilities in the country. BMT operates multiple courses designed to give students the skills and confidence needed to overcome the threats of today’s world.

Body And Mind

It is very important to train not only the operators body, but the mind as well. Mindset is something that is often overlooked, but needs to be addressed, trained, and honed. Scenario-based training is the most accurate and practical way to accomplish this.





Threat Assessment

Active threat assessment involves the identification of potential, immediate, or imminent threats. Through our active threat assessment training, you will learn to successfully identify and react to threats and articulate their observations and decision making process.


Aiming & Breathing

This class will give students the technique to modify the breathing cycle and to integrate breath control into the act of firing and completing the shot. 


Speed Reload &Weapon Malfunction

Incorporate something extra into your training for more of a challenge. These shooting drills are meant to serve several purposes, among them increasing speed and accuracy, solving a tactical problem or testing and perfecting gun-handling skills. 


Movement & Cover

This class will prepare students to use make the most of movement and cover while achieving needed hits on target.

Cover + Movement is designed for the shooter who is confident and competent with shooting fundamentals AND weapon manipulation of their shotgun or rifle and handgun.


Mental Stamina

This class aims to improve mental fitness and improve your confidence, composure, and trust your shooting skills in real life scenarios.


Tactical Saturated Stress Training

Our most advanced law enforcement training program to date! Modern law enforcement operators face more sophisticated threats than ever before. Our goal is to prepare our operators to be mission ready.

BMT Instructors

Black Mountain Instructors are required to meet stringent standards set by our Advisory Council. We have the most highly qualified professional instructors around. BMT instructors are veterans from major law enforcement agencies and military experience. The staff possesses a wide range of background in both specialized skills and training development. Their experiences are second to none.

The Black Mountain Training management team is headed by Mr. J. Fountain, the President and CEO of BMT, and is complemented by an experienced staff and advisors.

James Fountain


Retired Detective Jim Fountain is veteran military and law enforcement professional with over 30 years experience.  He has served in the US Army and US Coast Guard where his experiences included Combat Airborne Operations, Military Police/Investigations and Protective Services Assignments, including Anti-Terrorist Watch. While in the Coast Guard, he was assigned to Special Boat Operations, Explosive Boarding, Firearms Instructor and Maritime Intelligence/Investigator investigating Maritime crimes. Mr. Fountain has over 4 years of college majoring in Administration of Justice at California State University at Los Angeles. He has worked International Protection Details, dealing with numerous foreign law enforcement agencies. 

John Pride

Advisory Council

During his career at Los Angeles Police Department, John designed and implemented the 9mm pistol program for LAPD, seeing over 5,000 officers and their Instructors complete this major conversion from the revolver to semi automatic pistol. Beginning as a Police Firearms Instructor, John also spent time at the Armory where he received training in firearms repairs, conducted ballistic experiments on body armor, and assisted in the production of LAPD training films. He has completed over 2,000 cases pertaining to LAPD and Coroner evidence as a firearms expert in laboratory ballistics. Mr. Pride is a true champion in competitive shooting, where he has won National and International Championships and is a four time winner of the prestigious Bianchi Cup. He is a contributing writer for numerous magazines, and has authored many books and training videos. He was awarded the Shooter of the Decade honor by LAPRAAC in 1990, and currently consults with many law enforcement supply companies.

A. Ruiz

Range Master, Armorer, and Special Instructor 

As a member of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Mr. Ruiz handles responsibilities including firearms instruction, Advanced Officer Training, and Tactical Weapons Training. Mr. Ruiz is an expert in repair and testing of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. He holds Armorer certificates from Beretta, Colt, Glock, Remington, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Sig Sauer. Additionally, he has completed H & K Armorer course on pistol, auto rifle, and sub-machine gun, and Colt’s special certification on the AR-15.  Mr. Ruiz is a court certified expert on Officer Involved Shootings, performing many investigative reports on firearms usage. 

Jim Harris

Director Of Operations

During his military service with the US Army, Mr. Harris was small arms weapons instructor, teaching firearms techniques and low light combat assault. He joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1973, and retired from LAPD in 2007 with over 34 years of service. For 18 of his 34 years of service he was assigned to the Special Investigation Section (SIS) and has built an accomplished career as a firearms instructor with assignments including Tactical Firearms Instructor for POST Certified Courses, Instructor for Shotgun Training School, Handgun Training School, and Tactics for Officer Survival Awareness.

Jimmy Train


Mr. Trahin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Police Science and Administration and a California Teaching Credential in the same field, graduating from CSULA in 1968. Having served Los Angeles Police Department from 1970 to 1991, his distinguished career covered assignments as Senior Training Officer in Firearms and Explosives, including forensic ballistics, and firearms analysis. He has testified in over 400 Courtrooms as a firearms expert, and completed over 5,000 examinations dealing with firearms evidence. He is considered an expert in all firearms cases related to criminal and civil litigation. His honors include the LAPD Police Star for Bravery, over fifty written commendations and awards from various law enforcement and professional groups, selected as Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in California in 1990 by the NRA/CRPA, and he is listed in Who’s Who in Law Enforcement.

W. Edwards


Retired with 30 years of service from the Riverside Police Department. For 28 years Mr. Edwards was a Field Training Officer and assigned to SWAT as a member of the Long Rifle Team for 12 years. POST certified as a Firearms Instructor/Range Master, Patrol Rifle Instructor and Law Enforcement Sniper. 



BMT Base Camp is located at approximately 3,000 feet in the High Desert area of California’s pristine Mojave Desert. The serenity and crisp air offer an excellent place to train. Black Mountain Training Center (BMTC) rests in a valley on approximately 200 acres about 30 miles west of Barstow, California. Our facility provides a unique and extensive array of training programs and resources, and has been designed specifically for 21st century special operators who are tasked to operate in high risk environments.


Included on the facility:
• Five small arm static and CQB ranges (pistol/5.56 carbine) out to 25 to 75 yards with a variety of targeting systems.
• One multi-room live fire shoot house (3800 sq. ft.)
• Two tactical ranges out to 100 + yards – with a variety of live fire tactical scenarios (dunga and scrambler exercises)
• Two dedicated tactical speed steel ranges with multi-targets for CQB speed and accuracy exercises
• One 1000 to 1200 yard precision rifle range, capable of tactical training operations.
• One classroom with a preparation area.
• One large enclosed area (40 X 60 Steel building) designated to personal unarmed defense training and tactics training.

Modern challenges require operators to obtain advanced and updated tactical and firearms training. Currently, static range facilities are not sufficient for modern advanced and updated training methods. The key to developing effective training programs that fully prepare operators to engage and handle increasing challenging threats is an adequate training facility. Many law enforcement personal, military and security operators who have previously trained at Black Mountain have successfully applied their learned skills in their assigned missions.